Originally from London, Abbie Kalmi designs and handcrafts LULUROX jewellery from her coastal studio in Helsinki. Believing in quality over quantity she carefully selects and sources the materials used, ensuring attention to detail goes into each piece. 

Working in 14 karat gold-fill and sterling silver with natural pearls and gemstones the jewellery is delicate yet made to last; to be worn solo or layered, mixed and matched in tune with your individual style.

From an early age, Abbie showed a passion for arts & crafts and was (and still is) like a magpie with crystals & gemstones. During her twenties whilst living in Florence, Italy, she was awestruck by the craftsmanship and precision of the jewellers in her home from home.

Inspired by the design around her, with no formal training, Abbie began making jewellery from her kitchen table eagerly learning and developing new skills and techniques along the way.

With a background working in fashion in both London and Italy, Abbie relocated to Finland with her husband. Soon after, she took the giant leap and launched her jewellery brand in 2015 naming LULUROX after her sister Lucy and appreciation for precious rocks.

I see jewellery as an expression of our individual style & personality; whether you love to layer-up or go for a more subtle look, each piece becomes an integral part of your unique story. Knowing that women around the globe are styling LULUROX in their original way gives me so much pleasure and sincerely means the world!

Abbie Kalmi – Founder, Creative Designer & Jewellery Maker